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MTN DEW® Game Fuel® Zero

Charged Watermelon Shock and Charged Raspberry Lemonade

MTN DEW® GAME FUEL® Zero Raspberry Lemonade
MTN DEW® GAME FUEL® Zero Watermelon

Designed for gamers

MTN DEW® GAME FUEL® was developed in partnership with pros and elite amateurs to create the first beverage designed just for gamers

Resealable tech

Helps keep your MTN DEW® GAME FUEL® fresh and your hardware dry so you can focus on grinding

Pull tab up. Slide back.

Tactile grip

Specially textured ink provides a superior grip

MTN DEW® GAME FUEL® Charged Cherry Burst
MTN DEW® GAME FUEL® Full lineup
Charged Cherry Burst
Charged Berry Blast
Charged Original Dew
Charged Tropical Strike
Charged Orange Storm
Zero Charged Watermelon Shock
Zero Charged Raspberry Lemonade

Team Partners

Proud to help these great teams take their game to the next level.


Counter Logic Gaming

League Partners

MTN DEW® GAME FUEL® proudly partners with these top leagues

Streaming Partners

MTN DEW® GAME FUEL® is proud to have the support of these next-level streamers

Game Fuel Charged Berry Blast
Game Fuel Charged Cherry Burst

Victory In A Can